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Aloy Weight Gain Morph by ariavawriter

WARNING: This story features considerable weight gain, burps, farts, some nudity and a disregard for hygiene. If that doesn't interest you, then now is the time to click away.

Returning to Meridian, Aloy was somberly met with how different the air felt. The people's sense of complacency and superiority was gone, replaced with a much more weary feeling in the wake of what they were already calling the "Battle of the Spire".

The sun hung low in the sky, casting a deeply red glow upon the city, along with long dark shadows that cascaded along the ground.

Almost everywhere she looked, the scars of the machine's attack were plain to see, both as damage upon the stonework and the uncharacteristic quiet on the streets.

As she passed through the once bustling marketplace, the few vendors that had already returned to their stalls caught her eye and she watched as their faces lit up. They paused their transactions and gave her a universally recognized look of thanks, along with the small crowd of customers that had turned to see what had distracted the shop keeps.

Never one to bask in glory, Aloy returned their thanks with a curt nod and continued on her way. She was glad to see the signs of Meridian's still beating heart, but she didn't feel like she had earned their gratitude. So many had fought beside her, heeding summons from all across the land to unite for a common cause. Erend, the current captain of the guard in Meridian, Petra, a master weapon smith that she has befriended in Free Heap, Varl, Vala and Teb from her own tribe, and many more the populace also owed a debt a thanks to. Of those that had stood alongside her, there was one very special someone she was on her way to see now.

Leaving the market behind her, Aloy ascended the steps towards the largely unscathed Hunter's Lodge; the central hub for hunters throughout the land. When she first entered the hall some time ago, she was met with insults from those in positions of power, people that looked down on her because of her Nora heritage. Defying their expectations, she joined their ranks and forged a fierce friendship, the newly formed duo proving themselves time and time again. Their journey together culminated in their slaying of Redmaw, a hulking Thunderjaw that had acquired a legendary reputation among the lodge's members. That act, along with a change in leadership, had endeared Aloy to the other hunters greatly.

As she approached the building, the noise coming from within was strangely muted for a place that usually played host to a boastful crowd. Aloy stepped through the entrance way and soon saw the reason why.

While many hunters and huntresses were going through the usual routine of drinking, laughing and retelling tales of old conquests, there were a notable few that looked the be in no mood for merriment. The quiet members were all sporting recently inflicted wounds, none too serious, but enough to hold back their smiles as they drank to dull the pain. After exchanging a few words with Aidaba, the lodge's shop keep, Aloy came to learn that most of the members had volunteered as part of the auxiliary forces during the defense of Meridian, with even seasoned hunters returning with some degree of injury. Aloy may not have known her fellow members all that well, but she felt a great sense of pride and camaraderie knowing that they had been out there fighting.

"It's about time you showed up." Came an authoritative female voice from the second floor.

Aloy looked up to see the most comforting sight she had seen in days. She rushed up the wooden staircase and took a few tentative steps before falling into the arms of her Hawk, the huntress Talanah.

Throughout her life, few people had stuck up for Aloy in the way that Talanah had. She took Aloy on as her Thrush when the other hunters dismissed her, and together the two made a name for themselves by taking down Redmaw. Along the way, Talanah had become something of a confidant; someone she could open up to in a way that she hadn't experienced since the death of Rost, her adopted father. Talanah understood her in ways that she didn't even understand herself, and the pair grew closer as time went on. Aloy had never truly considered love before, but she found it in the eyes of her Hawk.

Since helping Talanah ascend to the title of Sun-Hawk, the highest position among the hunter's lodge, the two had been almost inseparable. They had fought side by side during the Battle of the Spire, and remained so even as Aloy struck the final blow against HADES. Talanah may not have fully understood the significance of what she was doing, but she trusted Aloy no matter what.

After the battle, the two parted ways for a time. Talanah returned to take charge of the lodge, while Aloy traveled to find the home of her mother, Elizabet Sobek, the scientist from an age long passed that had sacrificed herself to give all of humanity another chance.

It was now that she had returned from that journey, that Aloy could finally find peace in the warm and comforting embrace of Talanah. She lay her head upon Talanah's shoulder, while the warmth coming from her bosom warmed her heart in ways she couldn't describe.

"Did you find what you were looking for?" Talanah asked softly, resting her chin on Aloy's red mane of hair.

Aloy was robbed of words. She had seen so much in recent times, far more than she could ever have expected from her beginnings as a Nora outcast. It had all weighed upon her, exhausting every fiber of her being. But now, wrapped tightly in her lover's arms, it felt like her burden was finally lifted. Talanah's gentle heartbeat was enough to restore an innocence that she had long thought lost.

"I did...."


Concluding her duties as Sun-Hawk for the evening, Talanah led Aloy back to her home nestled among the streets of Meridian.

It was a humble place, not a building that reflected her status in the community. Two lit braziers stood to either side of a thick wooden door, the flickering flames drawing attention to a set of carvings upon the woodwork. They were hardly a ornate decoration, but they looked like they were carved by a simple knife and may have some personal meaning behind them.

The door opened up to a large, sparsely decorated room. There was a simple wooden set of chairs and a table along the far wall, with some well-worn hunting equipment laying on top of it, clearly in need of some repair. A thick rug was lain across the stone floor, unusually made of fabric rather than animal hide. It lay before a welcoming hearth, the flames producing a soothing heat as they licked the underside of a large metal pot.

"That smells good." Aloy comments, taking a whiff of the pot's contents.

"I thought you'd be hungry after your travels, so I've had something prepared every day just in case." Talanah replied. She knelt down upon the rug and grabbed a ladle from beside the fireplace. A wave of steam poured out as she carefully lifted the lid and began to slowly stir the boiling stew. "It's ready. I've got some bowls in the kitchen, could you bring them to me?"

Doing as she was bid, Aloy soon discovered that Talanah's home was far bigger than it had looked from the outside. The hallway leading from the main room split off into a spacious bedroom that was host to a luxuriously large bed. Next was a fully stocked pantry with shelves lined with food and spices, followed by a humid washroom and a dusty store room. Finally, she found the kitchen and retrieved two carved wooden bowls from one of the cupboards.

With the bowls in hand, Talanah spooned a generous helping of the rabbit stew into them and sprinkled in some ground salt and herbs.

"Eat up while it's still hot." She instructed, setting herself down upon the rug and gently blowing upon her dinner.

Aloy didn't need telling twice. She sat down beside her lover and let her gaze get lost in the fireplace. It was almost absentmindedly that she brought the first shallow spoonful to her lips, but the layers of flavoring brought her back out of her contemplative state.

"This is delicious." She said, tipping the contents of a second spoonful into her mouth and letting the warm broth trickle down her throat.

As someone constantly on the move, Aloy had really only ever viewed food as something necessary for her to survive. Once away from Rost's protection, she had made do with roasting game over a simple campfire or else stocking up on basic grains when she knew she would venture into harsher climates. With only those experiences to draw from, even something as ordinary as Talanah's stew flooded her with tastes she had never known.

"You don't have to be so kind." Talanah told her. "I know I'm not much of a cook."

"Are you kidding me? Even the best cooks from my tribe couldn't match this." Aloy replied, scooping another helping into her mouth.

"It's just knowing how to use the spices." Talanah argued modestly. She really didn't think much of her cooking ability, but when she saw Aloy drain the rest of her bowl in a series of gulps, she knew that her girlfriend was being honest.


Resting the empty bowl on her lap, Aloy set down her spoon and let out a deep, gaseous belch. Her body noticeably relaxed as the pressure escaped her, and she wiped her mouth thoughtfully against the back of her hand.

"Do you have any more?" She asked.

It was rare for Talanaha to see her lover in such high spirits. It was just as she had hoped; finishing her journey was enough to free Aloy of the many responsibilities that had once burdened her so. The sight seemed to lighten her own load, and she gladly refilled the bowl for her, along with topping up her own.

"Do you know what would go well with that? Some freshly baked bread." Talanah suggested. "I'm friends with the best baker in all of Meridian. He makes the crustiest bread around, and it tastes even better when soaked through with broth."

"It's a little late in the day to ask him to fire up his ovens, isn't it?" Aloy replied, eagerly digging into her second helping, bread or no bread.

"I bought some this morning." Talanah answered. "It might not be that fresh, but it should still be good all the same. Give me a minute."

Talanah set off for the pantry, returning a moment later with a pair of dense loaves. She handed one over to Aloy, while tearing the heel off her own and dipping it into her stew.

Aloy followed her example, and soon the spongy texture of stew-soaked bread filled her mouth. The bread had absorbed every aspect of the herb-laden flavor and redelivered it in a much more satisfying way. She chewed it all down hungrily, calling for a third helping when her bowl was empty once more.

As Talanah obliged her appreciative girlfriend, she couldn't help but notice that Aloy was looking quite bloated around her middle. She only ever saw her lover's bare stomach during their lovemaking, and there were more eye catching things going on during that, but Aloy's belly was certainly looking rounder than she could remember seeing it before. The garb she was wearing only covered her chest and waist, meaning that the evidence of her large meal could be seen clear as day.

If Aloy minded her stuffed appearance, then she didn't show it. She accepted the third bowl just as eagerly as it's predecessor, and diligently slurped her way through it while Talanah finished off her second.

Perhaps it was because her attention had already been drawn to it, but Talanah was also starting to feel a little tight around the middle. A glance down revealed that her own belly had bloated up with the flavorsome soup; it's surface sticking out further than usual and losing some of it's well-toned definition.

"Looking a little tubby there." Aloy commented, her lips bearing the stains of the brown stew.

"You're one to talk." Talanah teased, her eyes darting to Aloy's stuffed tummy.


Another rumbling burp flew from Aloy's lips, her tight belly quivering as the gas escaped her. The expulsion brought with it an encore of the delicious flavor, and she patted her slightly distended stomach after a job well done.

"Maybe I did overdo it." Aloy wondered, feeling the first hints of softness upon her abdomen. "I've certainly never eaten that well before."

Talanah drank in the sight of her peaceful lover, trying to form the words in her head.

"There's something I need to tell you." She said, as cautiously as if she was on the trail of some ferocious beast.

"Is there something wrong?" Aloy inquired delicately.

"No, it's nothing like that." Talanah answered hastily. "It just something I've been thinking about for a while now."

"You can talk to me." Aloy reassured her.

Discarding her empty bowl, Talanah shifted along the rug until they were sat side by side. She reached out and grasped Aloy's hands in her own, clutching them tightly.

"What if this was our life now?" Talanah pondered.

"What do you mean?"

"A life without fighting." Talanah explained. "A life where moments like this are every day for us. No world-ending responsibilities or having to struggle to prove ourselves. Just me and you."

"But you're the Sun-Hawk...." Aloy started, but Talanah cut her off.

"I'm stepping down." Talanah stated. "The lodge doesn't need me any more than I need it. I have you; that's all I could ever want."

Aloy felt the tenderness to her lover's touch, the earnest way she spoke. Truthfully, she had never considered what she would do after finding her mother, let alone conceive of having a relationship with someone that understood her so intimately. She let Talanah's words sink in, and she realized how enticing they seemed.

"You really think we can do this?" She asked.

"When have we not been able to do something, when we do it together?"


Their new lives started smoothly enough. The pair of them had hung up their bows and started taking things at a much slower pace than usual.

"Sleep well?" Talanah asked, approaching the soft bed while carrying a basket filled with grilled meat from a nearby butcher. She sat down beside her bleary-eyed girlfriend and let the aroma of her bounty waft over to her.

"You brought breakfast? Is that something we do? Are we a breakfast couple now?" Aloy questioned playfully, sitting up against the wall and letting the sheets fall low enough to uncover her bare breasts.

"We can be, if you want to?" Talanah replied. She reached into the basket and picked up a particularly juicy looking flank of slightly charred meat. Aloy gave her a smirk as Talanah brought the boar-steak to her lover's lips and surrendered it to her maw.

Aloy chewed at the stubbornly tough meat, gnawing off chunks at a time and gulping them down. Without a knife, the greasy surface proved a little difficult to manage. Talanah looked on hungrily as Aloy battled her meal, sharing some of her enjoyment as her lover swallowed the last bite.

"I could get used to this." Aloy stated, licking her lips clean of the residual flecks of grease. "Where did you find meat this well done this early in the morning?"

"Morning? The sun is well on it's way through the afternoon sky." Talanah laughed. "You looked too peaceful to wake earlier, but I must say, I didn't think you'd take to our commitment this easily."

"I always see things through." Aloy said, lifting herself up and stretching her arms. "No matter how difficult or -ahhh- strenuous."

Talanah's eyes traced Aloy's magnificent physique from her head down to her covered toes, drinking in the sight of her perky breasts and the small bulge upon her belly. The indulges of last night had left a lasting mark, and the view kindled thoughts within Talanah that caused her heart to beat faster.

"You want some more?" Talanah offered, tilting the basket so that Aloy could see the half a dozen steaks that were begging to be eaten.

"Only if we can share them." Aloy proposed, lifting the covers to her side. "Why don't you crawl back into bed and we can enjoy them together?"

"I was hoping you'd say that." Talanah answered. She stripped out of her simple cloth coverings and slid under the bed sheets, scooting over until her legs brushed against Aloy's. She set the basket down between them and helped herself to a steak of her own.

Together, the two of them munched through their feast of boar meat. No care was taken to mind their cleanliness, with morsels dropping down into the folds of the bed covers and staining it with grease. The pair were far too busy stuffing themselves to notice, and they wouldn't care even if they had.


Aloy didn't even bother to cover her mouth, instead letting her belch out proudly after a generous meal. Talanah was just finishing off her sixth steak when Aloy's release drew her attention. She giggled at her girlfriend's obvious satisfaction, but her gaze lingered further downwards.

Flopped slightly over the covers were the fruits of Aloy's waking binge. The mass of steaks inside her had increased her belly's size tenfold. It's surface was tight and curved, rounded like a dome. Talanah had never seen someone eat to capacity before, and by the stunned look on her face, neither had Aloy.

"Well, that's new." The bloated redhead commented. She ran her hands gently along her stuffed gut, and Talanah felt a great temptation to follow suit.

She had gotten so lost in the sight of her lover's distended tummy that Talanah had overlooked her own. Her gut wasn't quite as large as Aloy's, but nor was it far behind. Hers was softer, the product of her much faster metabolism. A significant portion of her meal had already been converted into doughy fat upon her middle. She grasped an inch or two of it in between her fingers and pinched tightly until it felt real. Talanah had never been in anything less than peak physical condition throughout her entire life, but the extra poundage around her abdomen felt good in ways she couldn't describe.

Much easier to put into thought was the build up of pressure inside her stomach. What little room had been left inside her was now playing host to the churning excesses of her feasting. Aloy still looked preoccupied with her bulging belly, so Talanah discretely arced her rear towards the edge of the bed and let the gas slip through.


Rather than the subtle release that she had hoped for, Talanah's butt whistled to the tune of high pitched flatulence. Her face warmed and reddened with the heat of embarrassment, but Aloy only laughed; almost choking in the process.

"You could have let me know that we were getting that intimate." Aloy chuckled, beating her chest to settle herself. "If I knew, I wouldn't have had to hold this in for so long."


Aloy's fart surpassed Talanah's in every way. The feather-stuffed mattress absorbed most of the sound, but it's bassy note reverberated through their bed enough to tickle their backsides. The smell took form in the wake of it's sound, a pungent odor created by the meat being funneled through her system.

To her credit, Talanah made no effort to cover her nose. The stench tingled her nose, and upon breathing it in, she found that it wasn't entirely unpleasant. There was something nice about it, an underlying layer in the stink that appealed to her. With so little of Aloy's gas escaping from between her ass and the bed, not much was left to drift through that air. What small amount there was, soon found it's way into Talanah's lungs as she sniffed it in a strangely eager fashion.

"Are you sniffing my fart?" Aloy questioned, a smug smile on her lips from having produced something which had caught her girlfriend's attention so unexpectedly.

"I... uh..." Talanah stammered, her cheeks glowing hot at being caught in the act.


Aloy leaned away from Talanah, raising her butt upwards and releasing another gust of flatulent wind. Her gas visibly puffed against the loose bed sheet and heralded a much stronger stink.

"Well? What are you waiting for?" Aloy asked her, stripping the sheet away and patting her bare ass. "Give it a whiff!"

Talanah held back anxiously, unsure if she was being tested. Aloy looked as sincere as she had ever seen her and the smell she was spewing out was quickly proving to be irresistible. Embracing her carnal desires, she shifted down the bed and brought her face level with Aloy's butt. Her anal aroma was much stronger at this proximity and Talanah was rapidly developing a taste for it. She pushed in closer, brushing her nose against Aloy's ass cheeks in her attempt to breathe in as much of her gas as she she could. Talanah had no idea was had come over her, but she knew that there was something she loved about Aloy's farts; a new development in their relationship that her lover was only too happy to indulge her in.

They had already decided to settle down together, but that moment was the real turning point for them. It was like some barrier had shattered between them and a new direction had been bestowed upon them.

Over the next few weeks, their love for each other blossomed in new and taboo ways. As a result of Talanah's doting, Aloy was steadily growing fatter. She was eating larger portions at every meal now, and those meals were getting more frequent. The consequences were extremely obvious upon her increasingly widening waistline. With every course, another inch of flab accumulated on her soft and round belly. It didn't take long for her gut to become her most dominant feature, but she made no attempt to curtail her weight gain. In fact, she was growing plumper by her own wishes.

When it became clear that Talanah shared at least some of the interests she had, Aloy had revealed that she had along held desire to get fat.

"I want to be huge!" Aloy had said, holding her arms far away from her potbelly for emphasis. "And I want everything that comes with it. The food, the size, the gas...."

She had heavily emphasized that last part to get her girlfriend's attention the most, but it seemed her gesture was unnecessary. As her initial instincts had guessed, Talanah was just as interested in becoming a slob as she was. For the former Sun-Hawk, her admission was the step that unleashed the floodgates.

With everything laid out, the couple walked the path to becoming slobs hand in chubby hand.


A lunar cycle went by with the tubby couple settling into their fresh lifestyles far more easily than they imagined. For Aloy at least, all temptation to fall back into any of her old habits had completely vanished. With every passing day, her belly swelled larger and larger. Her appetite grew along with it, forming a powerful synergy that kept her firmly rooted along her chosen path.

By this point, her fat, floppy gut was in good company with her other thickening features. A set of two chubby chins now adorned her face and gave her an overall more joyful appearance that matched how she felt inside.

Her once lithe and agile legs were taking on a conical shape, with her pair of chunky thighs gradually getting slimmer once past her knees.

As it had been throughout this venture, Aloy's gut remained the star of the show. It's beginnings as a modest potbelly were now far overshadowed by the hulking mass it had become. It's surface was soft and malleable, with stacks of flabby rolls that overlapped one another and folded into creases.

Her bulge of a belly proved to be the perfect resting spot for her blossoming breasts. They too were thriving under her increased intake, growing into a pair of enviable boobs that complimented her shapely figure well.

Perched behind her wide hips, Aloy's ass acted as the perfect depository for the uncountable amount of calories she was consuming. It's sheer majesty was undeniable, a duo of plump cheeks filled with a volatile fat that caused her rear to wobble from the slightest provocation; an effect that Talanah frequently provoked with a playful slap. The Meridian climate caused beads of perspiration to be a constant presence in the humidity between her blubbery cheeks. Along with her complete submittal to her gaseous urges, Aloy's butt crack began emitting an ever present odor that warded away other citizens on the few occasions she had cause to visit the market.

Indeed, at this point the couple's transformation was well known around the city. Now that she had crested 400 pounds, some of her former accomplices had visited with their concerns. They may not have been able to understand, but they trusted Aloy's judgement absolutely when she explained the situation.

Aloy was glad that none of the people she cared about had an issue with her gaining weight, but if she was honest, there was only one person's opinion that mattered to her anymore.

Talanah was every bit her equal when it came to pure weight. Though her proportions were a little different, she, like her flame haired lover, was well on her way to becoming a true fat ass. Her gargantuan gut was certainly the larger by comparison, it's form developing into a floppy mass of jiggly flesh under Talanah's care. It writhed and rippled whenever she elected to move. An ungainly globe of flab that weighed heavily upon her. It was only due to her elephantine ass keeping the balance that she was spared toppling over.

Like Aloy, Talanah's appetite had blessed her with an eye-catching bosom and a chubby face that softened some of her previously intimidating presence. She grew into her larger size as if she was always meant to be this way, but a burden weighed upon her that she couldn't let go of as easily.

One night, in the late hours, Aloy woke from her slumber to stumble across Talanah enjoying a midnight snack in the kitchen. The hefty huntress didn't seems to notice her at first, but Aloy announced her presence by loudly breaking wind.


The noise caused Talanah to jump, scattering crumbs to the floor with her startled response. Her momentary panic faded upon seeing her sizable lover, and it reduced further still when the smell hit her.

"Nice and warm." She commented, leaning her large frame against the kitchen table. "That might be my favorite."

"You're up late." Aloy stated, taking a few plodding steps closer and reaching out to caress her girlfriend's tummy.

"I had trouble sleeping." Talanah replied, moaning softly at the stimulation. "It's.... nothing, but eating helps me relax."

Aloy picked up one of the small cakes from the platter in the middle of the table, munching on it thoughtfully as she glanced at the woman she loved. Talanah's nightwear was much as the same as her day wear, a thoroughly stained cloth that covered her waist and nothing more. The sight of her blubbery lover in the nude was, as ever, a welcome view. Her full beauty was on display, but Aloy knew that something was wrong.

"Something on your mind?" She prompted.

"It's nothing.... really." Talanah answered, her haste betraying her dishonesty. To save herself from answering, she quickly stuffed two cakes into her mouth at once, hoping that her act of gluttony would shield her from further questions.

"You can tell me anything. You know that, right?" Aloy continued, unwavering.

"It's me." Talanah answered, resigning quickly under Aloy's scrutiny. "I love you. Nothing had made me happier than getting big and fat with you. It's a peace I never thought I would have, but I'm not as ready to move on as I thought I was. A hunter's blood runs through my veins."

"I never said you had to give up being a huntress." Aloy responded.

"That's the thing. I want to want to give it up." Talanah confessed. "I want to leave it behind and become huge, round and stinky. It's just that there's a calling I can't quite shake; something I need to do first."

"What is it?" Aloy asked calmly.

"A final hunt." Talanah answered plainly. "I know we took down Redmaw, but that was on my way to becoming the Sun-Hawk. I need one last hunt to say goodbye to that life for good."

Peeling her back-fat away from the table, Aloy paced the kitchen a few times while stealing a few glances at her plump partner.

"Neither of us are quite in shape." She said at last. "But if you're doing this, I want to do it with you. One more adventure for the former Sun-Hawk and her fat Thrush. Do you have a target in mind?"

"I was hoping you'd say that." Talanah smiled. "There's a machine that some of the old hunters speak of. It's eluded capture or defeat for more than ten years. Few can even claim to have laid eyes upon it. From what I've heard, it rarely preys upon people, preferring to attack wildlife instead. A Thunderjaw might trample all over you, but this thing eviscerates it's prey until there's nothing left but scraps."

"Sounds nasty." Aloy concluded. "You think we're up to the task in our condition?"

"We may have packed on the pounds, but we're still the two most accomplished huntresses in the land." Talanah assured her. "Nobody came close to defeating Redmaw before we did. If there's anyone that can do this, it's us."


The next morning, the two of them set out before sunrise. Neither of them had bothered to clothe themselves, but only the few guards on the night shift were around to witness their fat, barely clothed bodies as they left Meridian along it's main bridge. They quickly traded the commonly used roads for the dense greenery of the tropical landscape, venturing deep into the wilderness and leaving the comforts of home behind them.

They each carried a sack filled to the brim with food, but even a large sack could only satisfy their appetites for so long. When they ran out, they returned to hunting for game like they used to many moons ago.

At first, the pair's return to hunting was met with a few unexpected hurdles. The first time Aloy laid eyes on her bounty, a meaty looking wild turkey, she found that she could no longer creep up on them so easily. Before, she had been light of foot and was capable of sliding through the underbrush while decimating an entire herd of machines with them noticing. Now however, her thundering footfalls trampled the grass beneath it and gave away her position before she could line up a shot. When it became evident that this would be a growing problem for the couple, they learned to more evenly balance their weight along their feet, and soon they were back to stalking meals as if they weren't four times the size that they used to be.

It was mostly smooth sailing from there, but their change of lifestyle still caused a problem here and there. A week into their hunt, the corpulent couple came across a dozen boar grazing in a clearing. Their bellies rumbling in anticipation, Talanah took up a vantage point that allowed her to control the situation more easily, while Aloy drew closer for the kill. It would have been a perfectly executed plan if it weren't for the unexpected release of gas from Aloy's plump ass.

Her fart squealed out her rear with a high pitched tune, alerting the surrounding wildlife to her presence. The boar scattered in a panic, all except for one that charge straight at the source of danger. Seeing the precarious position that her lover suddenly found herself in, Talanah let loose an arrow that struck the boar in it's hind leg. Together with Aloy, they took down the beast and hauled it back to camp. As Talanah stayed behind to skin it, Aloy wandered out again with a determined mindset.

While she was leaving Talanah alone, she knew that she was in no danger. At a certain distance from their camp, they had both squatted in the bushed and marked the land with their waste. It was hardly the most dignified act, but they learned quickly that nothing would draw near while their stench lingered in the air. It served as a powerful ward until Aloy returned a few hours later with two of the boars smaller companions over her shoulders.

That night, with their bellies full of boar and the spark of adventure still burning brightly inside them, they settled down in their makeshift campsite and celebrated their success with a well earned make-out session.

Aloy sported several newly grown rolls of fat along her giant belly, a development that Talanah was all too eager to explore. Guided by her flame haired lover, Talanah's hand delved into the creases and folds of Aloy's bulbous body. Since leaving Meridian, they easily must have added another 200 pounds to their figures and while every single one of them showed, it would be hard to tell by how they moved around. They had adapted to their fat frames like they had been born into it, with their bulk just becoming another tool in their repertoire. The animals and machines here were used to the dangers of agile attackers, but a pair of fat aggressors was something they were unprepared for. Their retained mobility also came in handy during their more personal moments.

Pinning Talanah beneath her mass, Aloy crawled along her lover's belly with a purpose in mind. She slithered her flab over Talanah's exposed breasts, enjoying their contact for only a moment before shifting around and directed her globular bottom towards her lover's face.

"I've been brewing this one up since dawn, are you sure you're ready?" Aloy asked, inching her ass ever closer.

The sweltering jungle heat was causing beads of sweat to trickle down the curve of Aloy's rear end. Several times, the bead would get momentarily caught in one of her numerous folds, but it always found a way out. The sweat clung to her skin until it reached the last haunch of her ass, where gravity took hold and it pattered onto Talanah's face.

"I want it...." Talanah answered, licking Aloy's salty perspiration from the corner of her mouth.


Aloy couldn't have held her gas in even if she wanted to, but her lover's acceptance made it all the more satisfying. The bassy rumble was the warning call of a dense smog of stinking flatulence form her deepest depths. It washed over Talanah like a cloud, smothering her in it's potent stink.

The former Sun-Hawk drank in Aloy's fart like she was gasping for air, letting her lungs fill with the odorous gas and tainting her breath with it's stench.

Aloy loved seeing how much Talanah loved swallowing her farts, but if there was something she liked more, it how much they shared in their relationship.

"You're looking pretty bloated." She noted, stroking Talanah's distended tummy. "Do you have something for me too?"

Throwing Aloy to her side with a dull thud, Talanah swapped roles and perched her wide backside upon her lover's head. Aloy's face was lost deep in Talanah's crack, with her nose tickling her girlfriend's back door.


Opening up, Talanah let rip with all of the force she could muster. Her volatile ass jiggled as the pressure pumped out of her, it's movement massaging Aloy's face as she was subjected to the full fury of her lover's farts. Fortunately, she took after Talanah in her love of flatulence, and soon every molecule of gas found a new home in her swollen belly.


Their expedition continued for the next two months, with the two huntresses now back in the groove, when they weren't solely focused on enjoying each other's immensity. While they hadn't yet caught up to their quarry, the time in the wild had done wonders for their figures.

Aloy had filled out into a portly 870 pound woman, while Talanah was only a dozen behind. Through her Focus, Aloy came to learn that people of their size were considered "obese" in the old days; a word used to describe those who had gotten so fat that they struggled to even move. From the limited records she could access, it was already apparent to Aloy that she and Talanah had already far exceeded obesity and yet it hadn't slowed down even a bit. According to the Focus, they should be stuck on their asses, unable to even waddle. It was unlike her focus to be so wrong, but she chalked it up to the much more sedentary lifestyle that people of that time enjoyed. From what little she had seen of their world, most people spent their time sat in front of machines all day long.

While they were happy to get even fatter, the couple knew that their journey was nearing it's conclusion. In recent days, they had come across slaughtered animals whose remains bore all the hallmarks of the creature they had been hunting. The following evening, as the reds and purples of dusk haunted the sky, they finally came across their target.

Hiding in a patch of tall grass, they huddled together and tried their best to suppress any gassy expulsions. Across from them, near the mouth of a cave, was the legendary machine that they had spent so long hunting. Unlike most of the other machines they had come across that were built for their intended purpose, this construction was a mass a razor sharp blades and a small form that made it difficult to spot if it wasn't for the singular glowing red eye. Unusually, it was looming over a fresh kill and tearing away at it's flesh. For all of the dangers inherent to machine-kind, they did not need to eat to survive. If that was a truth that applied to every machine, then the only explanation was that this machine simply relished in the kill.

While tiny compared to a Thunderjaw or a Snapmaw, this machine's reputation was enough to inspire extreme caution. As they watched, a raccoon scampered past and drew the machine's attention. The small creature barely registered what was happening before it was added to the long list of deaths at this things hand.

Despite witnessing such ferocity, neither Aloy nor Talanah were any less determined to see this venture through. Dubbing the machine a "Shredder", they planned their next move with care.

Talanah prowled off to a rocky area with stones large enough for even her to take cover behind, while Aloy set about climbing a nearby tree. Slowly, she heaved herself up to one of the higher branches and drew her bow at the ready. Given the Shredder's speed, she settled on ice arrows in order to slow the thing down. In her head, she had already decided how she would take the machine down, but things went south almost immediately.

While she may not have seen her weight as a hindrance, the tree thought otherwise. The branch she was perched upon only gave the briefest of warning cracks before snapping clean off and sending Aloy crashing to the ground. With the sound of her fall impossible to miss, the Shredder stood taller and faces her way.

Dazed from the impact, Aloy could do little more than crawl away. She could hear Talanah's panicked yell and the sound of rapid footsteps behind her. They drew closer and closer at extreme speed. By the time her head was clear enough, it was too late. A searing pain ran through her from her backside and she thought she was done for. In her state, she was at the machine's mercy and she waited for it to finish her off. When a few moments passed as she still drew breath, she brought herself to look behind her and face her doom.

What she saw was the last thing she expected....

The Shredder, the machine with such a fearsome reputation and the creature that had eluded hunters for decades, was wedged between her butt cheeks. It's razors had been dug deep into her well padded rear, but her ass was so soft and squishy that she had not only absorbed the blow, it had caught the machine's razors and refused to relinquish it's grip.

Aloy's bum jiggled as the Shredder tried to pull itself free, but her cheek's hold was proving to be too strong for it to overcome.

"Need a hand?" Talanah teased, her worry gone when she saw how things played out. She squatted down beside her lover, amused at the Shredder's futile struggling.

"Just... give me a minute." Aloy said, her voice strained. She screwed up her face in concentration as she blasted the Shredder in it's singular eye with a long, damp fart.


Steam hissed out of the Shredder's rear joints as if it was trying to dispel to toxic fumes that were engulfing it. Strangely, the stink of Aloy's fart seemed to stun the machine. It's struggles ceased and Talanah seized the opportunity to drive a sharp dagger into it's steel spine. The machine fell limp, and Talanah was able to pry it free from the hold of Aloy's butt.

"That was.... unconventional." Talanah commented. "Somehow I don't see that hunting technique catching on."

"Don't knock it." Aloy told her, rubbing her sore ass. "It could be the start of a whole new way of hunting. Maybe one day I'll squash a Behemoth under my butt."

"It's a nice idea, but I think we just retired." Talanah said wistfully. "One last hunt.... over."

"The hunt may be over." Aloy said, her voice soothing. "But this is just the beginning for us. No more unfinished business. Just you, me and as much food as we can eat."


It took a few days to trek back to Meridian with their prize in tow. Upon hearing of the Shredder's defeat, the Hunter's Lodge insisted on throwing a celebratory feast in their honor. Aloy and Talanah were more than happy to eat at their invitation, though when they were asked to recount their tale, they may have tweaked the details of the Shredder's defeat.

After that, the couple found comfort in returning home and hanging up their bows, settling into their slobby lives without anything hanging over them.

Years went by and the only thing that changed in their relationship was the the size of their waists and the strength of their smell. They became local legends among the populace, two heroes with countless feats under their belts, now a pair of massively fat blobs. They were a symbol of what true happiness could mean, and their love for each other could never be eclipsed.

Aloy grew into an enormous mass of fatty rolls, comically oversized breasts and an ass that could be mistaken for a boulder. Her face, surrounded by a dozen wobbly chins, was constantly splattered in rich creams and thick grease, layering upon each other as they caked her visage and hid her freckles. Her hair, already wild as it had been, was now joined by the unwashed strands from under her arms which had somehow snaked their way to the surface. At over 2760 pounds, she was the fattest woman the world had ever known. Or she would have been it it weren't for her partner.

Talanah, who had always trailed Aloy in weight before, was not the heavier of the two. Sharing her lover's giga-gut, which boasted an uncountable number of blubbery tiers, Talanah was staggeringly immense. Every once of her 2920 pounds had pooled in her burgeoning belly, swollen boobs and her dimpled pillow of a backside. Her fierce features we gone, replaced by a round and puffy face that always bore a smile and the stains of her last dozen meals.

The only thing that could overshadow the couple's huge presence, was the smell the followed them. While they were like by the neighbors, their stink was proving too much for those around them and they needed a new place to live. The Sun-King, Avad, was happy to reward them with new living quarter's that befitted their massive size; commissioning a house built by the finest crafters around. Their stone-smithing lived up to their reputation, but it seemed even the best crafters couldn't design a toilet capable of withstanding Aloy and Talanah's wrath. Every other day, the plumbing gave up under the demands of the couple's butts. It became an endless cycle of usage and repair, but neither of the slovenly pair gave much care. Breaking the toilet became something they were proud of; a way of demonstrating just how fat and smelly they had become.

At one point in her life, Aloy could never conceive of what came after finding out her true heritage, but now she was grateful to have found a peace with Talanah. Together, they were the fattest, stinkiest couple for generations. This was the life they had always wanted.
Aloy Weight Gain Morph
I'm still busy with commissions, so things are going to be quiet on the story front for a while longer. In the meantime, here's a fat morph of Aloy from Horizon: Zero Dawn.

I've never morphed anything before, so I welcome all feedback. If this is something that people like, then maybe I'll do more in future.

All characters belong to their respective creators.


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