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I'm very interested to hear from you about how I've been doing things so far.

Do you like the tone of my stories?
Are they too short?
Do you want the characters to get even bigger, even immobile?
Pure weight gain or more slob aspects. i.e burping, farting, stains etc?

Are my commission prices fair?
Do you like that I offer commissions for points? Or would you prefer paypal or patreon as an option?
Do I need to improve before I even offer commissions?

My next story will be an anime body inflation story, followed by another video game weight gain story after that. I aim to have the first out reasonably soon.


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Fat Faith by bob-jenkins by ariavawriter

WARNING: This story contains weight gain.

The faint sound of disturbed metal roused Faith from her slumber. The inviting coolness of her fluffy pillow urged her to stay in bed, but her life experiences had taught her not to ignore the feeling in her gut. She cautiously threw her bed covers aside, and tried to get up and check her environment. But therein lay her first obstacle.

"Oh, right." She thought. "I'm fat now."

The last few weeks had been a blur to her. She remembered being abducted by KrugerSec. Then she was taken to a detention facility where she met Amelia. It was because of her that the former Runner was in the state that she was in now.

Faith blinked a few times to clear the sleep from her eyes, her senses alert for any sign of intrusion. She was far from the safety of the hideout and she was knew that she was ill-prepared for a hostile encounter.

Her accommodations were simple and unfamiliar. A neat and soft bed, with only the most basic of bathroom furnishings to speak of. It lacked all of the personality that was found in the city of Glass, but then that was to be expected of a place located in The Greys. This was somewhere that the lower classes were exiled to, and her living conditions were actually a step up from most of the other residents. KrugerSec had shipped her off here, thinking that she was harmless in her current condition. She hated to admit it, even to herself, but they were probably right.

Using the wall for leverage, Faith managed to heave herself off the bed. Purple light shone in through her windows, coming from a neon sign mounted on a building on the opposite side other the street. There was nobody outside that she could see, and the only sounds were coming from steam drains or the scurrying of scavenging rats. She took a step back from the windows, and wondered if perhaps she was getting too paranoid since her capture.

A single mistake had not only taken her slim figure away, but it had robbed her of her lifestyle. She could barely get out of bed without needing a breather, let alone sprint across rooftops like she used to.

A bathroom scale was one of the few "luxuries" that KrugerSec had furnished her apartment with. It's presence served as a constant reminder of her own immensity and to keep her spirits low. She had only dared use it once, with the results working as they had intended. The number 374 was now etched into her mind, and the scales had been stashed away ever since.

In addition to making her so large that she struggled to squeeze her fat butt through doorways, Faith's extra pounds were also a huge drain on her stamina. Her concern was rapidly retreating and she wanted to heed the call of her inviting bed. With one last glance around, she decided that it was nothing after all.

Now that her worry had been eased, Faith collapsed back onto her mattress and waited for her fat body to spread out comfortably. The hold of sleep was starting to take her again, when she heard a sharp whisper come from beside her.

"Faith....Come on, get up."

Faith sprang back out of bed. Or at least she would have if she wasn't weighed down by so much pudge. Instead, she fell over the side in an undignified heap, taking her covers with her.

"Not exactly quiet, are you?" The voice asked.

With some effort, Faith lifted herself up to her feet and stood facing the intruder. There wasn't a lot of light in the room, but she knew that face anywhere.

"Celeste? What are you doing here!?" Faith asked, more worried by her presence than anything.

"I'm here to break you out, obviously." Celeste replied. Her tone was confident, and it conveyed that she thought she was in for an easy assignment.

Rather than explain what had happened, Faith let her bed sheets fall to the floor and she let her fellow Runner drink in the view.

"Jeez Faith, what did they do to you?" Celeste asked in disbelief at what she was seeing.

"They made me fat." Faith stated plainly. "What does it look like?"

"I'd say fat is an understatement." Celeste jeered. "You look like an oversized whale."

"Is that the sort of wit that going to get us out of here?" Faith remarked, crossing her arms over her chest and trying to ignore that they were sinking into her blubbery layers. She was grateful that she had chosen to wear pajamas; they didn't do much, but they did hide some of her rolls underneath it.

"I though we go out through the vents." Celeste said. "But I guess that options off the table now, seeing as your ass wouldn't fit."

"Another word about the size of my ass and you'll be flattened under it." Faith warned her. Despite both being Runners, the pair of them had never much like each other. Faith had always been the better Runner, and there a few that resented that. "Of all people, why did Noah have to send you?"

"There aren't many who would volunteer for a visit to the Greylands, but how could I pass up the opportunity to rescue the great Faith Connors?" Celeste answered. "I just didn't expect this to be even more.... satisfying. The other girls are going to love this when we get back."

"If we get back." Faith corrected her. "You still haven't told me how we'll be doing that. As you've made painfully aware, I'm not going anywhere in a hurry."

"Then we go slowly." Celeste suggested. "Even at this time of night, street level is out of the question. There's an access tunnel a few blocks from here, we'll just have to find a rooftop route that doesn't require you to jump.... or sprint.... or really anything other than waddling."

"Very funny." Faith retorted. "When I get back into shape, the first thing I'll do is kick your ass."

"Slow down there, tubby. One step at a time." Celeste said mockingly. "Just keep close to me and stay low."

Bearing an irritatingly satisfied smirk on her face, Celeste backed her way out of the apartment with Faith reluctantly in tow. The hallway outside was dimly lit by old fluorescent fixtures on the ceiling; a stark contrast to to sleek architecture and style of the capital city. They crept their way down the hallway and up some stairs the led to the roof. Once outside, Faith took her her first breath of fresh air since her capture.

"We need to head that way." Celeste said, pointing out over the skyline to a large billboard advertising a new line of affordable clothing. "You think you can make it?"

Faith gazed out in search of pathways she could take. Before, there were any number of routes open to her. She could have scaled a nearby office building and slid down it's inclined windows, traveled along a makeshift zipline, or simply wallrun her way from roof to roof. Now however, her Runner's instinct was failing her.

"Just follow me." Celeste sighed, leading the way.

They made slow progress, with Faith struggling to overcome even the smallest obstacle. It was now that she was back in her element, that she truly felt as fat as she looked. As she crawled her way over some ventilation ducts, she caught up to Celeste, who was waiting just ahead.

"Problem?" Faith asked, trying not to let her see how out of breath she was.

"There's no way around this." Celeste replied, indicating the short drop to the next rooftop. "We'll just have to see how much of the old you is still buried underneath all of those layers."

Without waiting for a reply, Celeste leaped down and landed in a controlled roll; beckoning Faith to follow. Taking a short run up that nearly winded her, Faith jumped down after her and tried to compensate for her weight during the roll.


The dreadful sound pierced the silence of the night, and Faith felt a startling waft of cold air waft against her now exposed rear end.

"Did you just....?" Celeste started, before Faith cut her off.

"Not a word." She said, her cheeks burning crimson.

Ignoring the draft seeping through the newly formed split in her pants, Faith kept up with Celeste until the access tunnel's hatch was in sight.

"Ok, we just need to...."

Celeste was interrupted again, this time by the sound of spinning rotors as a KrugerSec drone spun up from the alley below them. It's bright search light shone over them and it's speakers came to life.

"You are under arrest. Stay where you are." The voice commanded.

With a new source of adrenaline flowing through her, Faith sprinted in the opposite direction as fast as her chunky thighs would allow. All around them, powerful beams of light were flaring up and tracking their movements. Doors burst open with KrugerSec foot soldiers pouring out, while the sky filled up with a dozen more drones in just a matter of seconds.

"There's no way that all of this security is for me." Faith thought, trying her best to ignore the growing stitch in her side. "They were expecting a rescue attempt, and they were just using me as a lure for more Runners."

Now the her options were greatly diminished, Faith soon ran out of rooftop to run on. She stopped herself on the tip of a low ledge, struggling to keep her balance.

"What are you.....?"

Faith heard her would-be rescuer coming from behind her, but by the time she had turned to look, Celeste had already collided with her back and sent them tumbling off of the roof; falling down a short way with the drones in hot pursuit.

Her extra padding may have broken the worst of Faith's fall, but she wasn't prepared for Celeste to land on her round stomach shortly afterwards.


The weight of another woman landing on her belly was enough to force a deep belch up past Faith's lips, with the impact stealing away the last of her energy. The drone swarm hovered above them, illuminating the pair from every angle.

"Don't move!" Came the voice from the speakers.

"Don't worry." Faith muttered, struggling to breathe underneath her burden. "There's not much chance of that...."


They were knocked out and detained, as per the usual routine with Runners. When Faith came to, a feeling of dread settled in the pit of her stomach as she found herself in a familiar situation. Wrists and feet bound, and white featureless walls looming around her.

The room looked much the same as it had weeks ago, but a large screen had since been mounted on one of the walls and a white table was placed in the middle of the room. On it was a platter, bearing an enormous chocolate cake. The pieces quickly fell into place when she considered the other key difference.... She wasn't alone.

Celeste was just starting to wake up in a chair on the opposite side of the room. Unlike Faith, she wasn't tied to her chair or restrained in any way at all.

"What is this?" She asked, taking in her surroundings.

Faith was spared her answer, as the screen turned on and the face of Amelia presented itself to them. "This, my dear Celeste, is the solution to the Runner problem." She said. "As you can see with what we've done to Faith, our results speak for themselves."

"You think I'm like her!?" Celeste yelled, getting to her feet and pacing the room angrily. "That I'll just sit back as you stuff me until I'm a fat ass!? Think again."

"Please, Celeste." Amelia continued. "We know the same approach isn't suitable for everyone. I'd like to make you an offer."

"Oh yeah?" Celeste replied. "And what's that!?"

"See that cake over there?" Amelia asked. "I want you to stuff Faith with every last crumb. If you can do that, then we'll let you go. No strings attached."

"And why would I trust a suit like you?" Celeste countered.

"Do you see another option?" Amelia reasoned. "Take the cake, make sure she eats it, and then walk free."

Celeste looked like was wanted to argue back, but the screen turned off and ended their communication. She paced back and forth for a while, before kneeling down beside Faith and cutting out a slice from the cake.

"Better just you than the both of us, right?" She said, trying to justify herself.

"If that makes you feel better...." Faith answered, her reply cut off as the large mound of cake was stuffed into her maw. Thick, gooey chocolate filled her mouth with it's sweet taste, and she couldn't resist it's allure. She could admit that part of it was due to her recently increased fondness for such things, but there was something else at play that she couldn't put her finger on.

"Enjoying the taste, Faith?" Amelia asked, her voice coming from speakers lined all around the room. "If it feels a little familiar, it's because we've mixed in quite a lot of the same substance that you were oh so fond of before. So please, don't try to fight it. You know it's effects better than anyone."

It was true. Faith was already losing the will to resist, and her resolve was only seeping away further with every slice crammed into her.


A hungry gurgle rumbled from her belly, a warning call before she started to expand again. She could feel the pounds piling onto her frame as the cake coursed through her body. Faith's already round belly grew larger still, bulging out from underneath her night clothes and proudly flopping out onto her lap.

"This stuff works fast." Celeste commented, any guilt she had leaving her when she saw what could have happened to her if she had refused.

"Yes, but not so fast that she can't enjoy it, I dare to say." Amelia added. "And don't worry about her restraints. They'll match the rate of her growth and keep her in place."

With her conscience thrown aside, Celeste continued to feed the increasingly rotund Faith, who now accepted her sweet offerings gladly.

With another few slices resting inside her belly, Faith had grown considerably wider. Her flabby butt cheeks had spilled through the hole in her pants, tearing them apart further and oozing over the sides of her chair. For every mouthful of cake, they dropped further and further down until her ass resembled a bean bag chair. Her thick thighs had been reduced to wobbling cones of fat, sticking out from the immensity of her wide waist.

"That extra 70 pounds looks good on her, don't you think?" Amelia mused, clearly enjoying the display.

Faith had already been sporting a second chin, but now a third and forth were growing in, cushioning her head with another few layers of jiggling fat. Her mind was too fogged to truly take in the burgeoning mass that she was becoming, only obediently opening her mouth and chewing when another slice of cake came her way.

Now that most of the cake was inside her, the remaining threads of Faith's pajamas were torn apart as her blubbery body mass was set free. Rolls of juicy fat adorned her middle, growing thicker in proximity to her enormous waist. Her plump butt poured out from every inch of the seat, begging for release so that it could expand even further.

Having long since bust through her night shirt, Faith's JJ-cup boobs rested against her flabby gut in all their naked glory. Each breast was larger than her head and jiggled with even the slightest provocation.

At this point, she was in too much of a food induced coma to care. Once she had finished eating, she let her chubby head sink into the puddle of her neck fat and dozed off as the effects of the cake continued to fatten her.

"Well done Celeste." Amelia announced. "You've helped turn Faith from the star Runner into a fat little piggy. Now it's time for your reward."

Concealed vents opened up along the floor, pouring a steady flow of grey gas into the room. Celeste grabbed the platter and started smashing it against one of the walls, but she passed out before she could do any significant damage.


As the pair awoke once more, they saw that they were still in the same room as before, but their situation had changed for the worse. Amelia was with them, circling around Faith's bulbous form and making her way over to her latest captive.

"We had a deal." Celeste argued, still groggy from the gas. She was sitting on the floor, but her wrists and ankles were bound like Faith had been.

"And I had no incentive to honor it." Amelia replied. "Why would I go through all the trouble of catching another Runner, just to let you go?"

"So, what?" Celeste shouted. "You think I'll submit and eat your damn cake!?"

"As I said before, my dear Celeste." Amelia whispered in her ear. "We know when to take a different approach."

Faith watched as the tank filled with the fattening substance was carted into the room. Unlike the one that had been used on her, this one was easily three times the size. Amelia managed to force the hose into Celeste's mouth with much of a fight, and she looked extremely pleased with herself when she turned on the dial and the tank started to empty. The sludge traveled up the hose and down Celeste's throat. Even now, Faith pitied her for what she was about to go through.

Celeste's cheeks bloated to capacity as she struggled to swallow the slurry fast enough. Already her the seams of her clothes were ripping to make way for her rapidly fattening belly. Every inch of her body was swelling up with pure, jiggling fat, with the majority of it heading into her sofa-sized butt. In a matter of minutes, she had surpassed Faith in size and kept going beyond. By the time that the hose popped out of her mouth, Celeste was an immobile three ton blob of soft, wobbly fat.

"You see, Faith?" Amelia asked, admiring her latest work. "That could so easily have been you. There's something to be said for just going to the extreme, but I think I prefer the slow road that we took with you."

Faith wanted to respond, but all she managed was a slight shuffling of her weight as she provoked a large, gassy burp up her throat.

"Whether you like it or not, you've helped us a great deal today." Amelia continued, patting Faith's soft belly enthusiastically. "We'll ship you back to your new home where you'll find a packed pantry waiting for you. Eat to your hearts content. When the next Runner comes calling, we'll be waiting."

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WARNING: This story features body inflation.

The sweltering heat of the Japanese summer was at it's full height. The chirping of cicadas was filtering through the open window, but no breeze reached Makise Kurisu. She was hunched over in the back of the room dubbed the "Future Gadget Lab", hard at work building the world's first successful time machine. It was odd to proclaim her construction as successful before she had even finished it, but apparently she already had; dozens of times if Okabe was to be believed.

In other worldlines, many other Makise Kurisu's had built this machine, meaning that she would be able to do so herself. This entire thing defied so many established rules of science, but the deadly serious look in Okabe's eyes as he explained things to her was enough for her to accept things. He was out of the lab right now, along with all it's other members. Kurisu needed to concentrate on her work, and there was nothing any of them could do to help.

Now that she thought about it, this was the first time she had been all alone in the lab. It was uncharacteristically quiet, with only the gentle hum of the nearby PC to keep her company. Sweat was pouring from her brow, and she cursed the unprofessional environment she had to work in.

"What kind of lab doesn't even have working AC?" She thought to herself.

The rising heat was really starting to get to her, and no amount of chilled Dr. P could solve that. She rubbed her temples and slid her chair away from the worktable, hoping that a brief stretch would cool her down.

The air was heavy inside the curtained off area of the lab where she was working. It's walls were lined with shelves holding the past experiments that the lab had produced. She could see a small pen with a rotor attached, a thick plastic tube containing some sort of goopy red liquid, and even a claymore mine. She had been very alarmed when she had first discovered that one, but the other lab mems explained that it was an "instant humidifier". It, along with the other experiments, had been deemed failures, but Kurisu was sure that Daru had mentioned something about a version 2.0 that they had been testing. It wasn't the best idea, but she would take anything to cool things down right now.

Kurisu rummaged through the stacked cardboard boxes piled in the corner of the room, shuddering at the thought of stumbling across a Daru "stash", but she concluded that he was probably more of a digital guy anyway. She came across all manner of oddities in her search, many of which had uses that she couldn't even begin to guess. After putting aside a collection of anime cosplay magazines, she uncovered what looked to be an ordinary handheld vacuum cleaner with a Future Gadget designation printed on it's side.

"Future Gadget #13, Rapid Cooler." She read aloud.

While the lab's inventions weren't known for their successful functions, Kurisu decided that anything would be an improvement over no air conditioning at all.

She plugged it into a spare outlet and hoped she wasn't about to trip the breaker. The dial was located on it's side, and when she turned it, the device roared to life with a barrage of noise. Despite the volume, the machine didn't seem to be outputting a cold air, or at least not enough for her to notice. She held the nozzle up to her face, but she couldn't feel anything.

Kurisu was about to chalk it up as another failure, when she noticed that there was a third setting on the dial. Without lowering the plastic tube, she turned the dial to it's third position and waited for it to show some response.

The gadget's internal motors went onto overdrive, spinning faster and making even more noise. Kurisu's head was yanked forward as the machine began sucking with incredible force. She gripped the edge of the table, but she was unable to prevent her lips from getting caught in the plastic nozzle. In a panic, she tried to turn the machine off, but only succeeded in swapping it back to it's second setting. This time, the Rapid Cooler started to blow out air with the same power that had taken it in. The rush of air squeezed through the only escape available; a small gap between Kurisu's lips.

Kurisu's cheeks bloated up in an instant, and she could feel the air coursing down her throat. An uncomfortable sensation of gassiness welled up inside her as she was gradually filled with air. She tried pulling the tube away, but her lips were firmly stuck in the nozzle's hold and any more serious attempts would only hurt her.


The lowest button on Kurisu's shirt popped off, drawing her attention to what was happening to her. Overfilled with air, her middle looked like it was swelling up like a balloon, widening and growing rounder by the second. One by one, her remaining buttons shot off into the far corners of the room as her belly inflated past the extent that her shirt would allow.

As alarmed as she was, the first thing that Kurisu's scientific mind thought was how lucky she was. If the air had traveled to her lungs, then there was no way they could take the pressure. She was almost appreciative of that mercy, but then she realized that what was happening shouldn't be possible anyway.

With the flimsy restraints of her shirt out of the way, Kurisu's bare belly was free to expand far beyond it's normal limits. It grew until it looked like she had swallowed a beach ball and it showed no signs of stopping. It was now completely round, and the rest of her was following by example.

The sound of fabric tearing signaled the end of her short skirt, and she could feel her butt spread to join her mid-section in it's spherical ambitions. Her pants soon followed, but by some miracle, her underwear was stretchy enough to withstand the needs of her larger rear. The gap between her thighs widened and her legs were forced apart by the reshaping of her body. She had very quickly gone from just sporting a very large belly, to looking more like a blimp than a woman.

Kurisu's ass curved until it was almost indistinguishable from the rest of her ball-like body. Her legs and arms thickened and were pulled into her center mass, leaving only her plump hands and feet protruding from her ballooned frame. Her skin had stretched to accommodate her new shape, it's surface tight and firm. What had been her shoulders were now raised to either side of her sight, with her head sunken into a divot between them. Only her boobs remained of her former figure, each breast now inflated to comical sizes and bouncing from the front of her chest.

Having reached her maximum capacity, the nozzle finally came free and Kurisu was propelled backwards. Her air-filled form rebounded off the floor and sofa, lightly hopping along as she flailed her limbs helplessly.

Kurisu had been hailed as a genius for much of her life, but she had no solution for this. She was a mostly naked human balloon and there was nothing she could do but hope that she returned to normal before anybody came back to check in on her.

After floating for a while, she came to rest on the the floor near her worktable, with the vacuum hose angled towards her. As the cool air washed over her, she made a mental note to just buy a fan.
Curiosity Inflates the Kurisu
My first attempt at an inflation story. Featuring Makise Kurisu from Steins;Gate, who will try anything to beat the heat.

I'm open for DeviantArt point commissions. Please see my journal for details.
I'm very interested to hear from you about how I've been doing things so far.

Do you like the tone of my stories?
Are they too short?
Do you want the characters to get even bigger, even immobile?
Pure weight gain or more slob aspects. i.e burping, farting, stains etc?

Are my commission prices fair?
Do you like that I offer commissions for points? Or would you prefer paypal or patreon as an option?
Do I need to improve before I even offer commissions?

My next story will be an anime body inflation story, followed by another video game weight gain story after that. I aim to have the first out reasonably soon.

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Ample Aloy by bob-jenkins by ariavawriter

WARNING: Spoilers for Horizon: Zero Dawn ahead.

WARNING: This story features weight gain.

After a long and difficult journey, Aloy was finally returning to All-Mother mountain, with the intact Alpha codes firmly in her possession. She had fought for so long to get here, where everything had begun for her. There was nothing that could stand in her way now.


The machine voice spoke without a hint of emotion, the words hitting her harder than any Thunderjaw could. She tried again, making sure to stand in the center of the metal plate as the ray of light scanned her.


Feeling the pit of despair tug at her, she linked her focus to the door's interface and searched through the holographic files to see what she could have missed. The complete alpha codes had been successfully transferred, so why wouldn't it let her through?


"I don't fit the logged profile?" Aloy repeated to herself. "What does that mean?"

She didn't have any difficulty accessing the other metal ruins, so why was this one different? Frustration was mounting deep inside Aloy, and she started pacing back and forth while trying to think of a solution.

"Display security clearance." She said, hoping that whatever was left of the machine would obey her commands.

As she delved deeper into the history of the ancient ones, she came across more than a dozen mentions of the term: security clearance. The only thing she could think of was that this ruin had higher security measures; a guess proved right when her focus shifted to display the ruin's access requirements. It showed that in addition to the correct codes, she would need to be a near perfect match for the profile of Elizabet Sobek.

Aloy almost laughed at the absurdity of the final obstacle on her path, bringing up one of her stored data logs so that she could visualize the challenge ahead of her.

The holographic representation of Elizabet on her focus was displayed before her. In most respects, Aloy bore an uncanny resemblance to the scientist from an age long passed, but there was one key difference that separated them.

Elizabet was huge. A truly massive woman unlike anything Aloy had ever seen in the wilds, even among the luxuries of Meridian. Her dimply figure was clearly stretching her clothes to their limits, and yet she wore her weight with an authority that shone through even a still image.

Every answer that Aloy has ever sought was sealed away behind that door. She turned her back to it, knowing what she needed to do.

Emerging from the mountain, Aloy explained to the Matriarchs that the All-Mother had commanded her to grow larger in order to prove herself worthy. Teersa believed her immediately, and convinced the others of the same. With their blessing, the order went out among the Nora tribe to stockpile food for her consumption. Nora Braves went out to hunt, returning with many slain beasts that the rest of the tribe worked to prepare. Before night fell, a huge feast had been prepared and laid out inside the mountain's opening, solely for Aloy's spiritual duty.

When she was alone, Aloy sat herself down on the stone floor of the inner chamber and started eating. She tore charred meat from the bone and helped herself to the finest stews that Mother's Cradle could offer, all the while staring at the door with a steeled determination.

As an outcast all of her life, she was used to living off of the spoils from either Rost's or her own hunts. Because of this, her body was not used to such a large intake of food in a short space of time. If she had the luxury of time, she could have paced herself. But she didn't have it. There were more reasons than her true heritage to get inside that door. If others were to be believed, their very world was at stake. Aloy couldn't afford to take her time. She needed to get fat, and she needed to do it soon.

Aloy powered her way through the feast, shoving well cooked meats down her throat as fast as she could. The food was already starting to weigh heavily upon her, but thankfully she had also been blessed with Elizabet's metabolism.

Fat dripped down her chin as she stuffed a thick slab of roasted boar meat into her mouth. She chewed through the tough flesh and swallowed it by the chunk. Her ambitious portions became bulges in her throat as they traveled down and dropped onto the growing pile in her stomach.

In her tribal garb, her expanding belly was clear to see. What was once a firm set of abs, had softened into a soft and pudgy pooch of flab. Her stomach was starting to ache, and when she went to rub it, her hands sank into her spongey mass. She accepted what she had to do, but the feeling of getting so fat was something she was unprepared for. She felt slow, and her balance was strangely weighted.

Aloy pushed away any second thoughts that began creeping up on her and doubled down on her efforts. She was clearing platters even faster now; their former contents now resting inside her increasingly blubbery belly. With so much food stuffed within her, Aloy's muffin-top middle was spilling over her lower garments. Inevitably, a satisfying snap signaled that the binds around her waist had worn out. With them out of the way, her gut spread out even further, coming to rest upon her thighs.

Aloy was now by the far the heaviest member of her tribe, sporting a rotund middle that put most pigs to shame. She had grown so large, that most of her clothes were in tatters, leaving only shreds to cover herself. In her entire life, Aloy had never felt embarrassed, but she felt it now. To be so massive that clothing couldn't contain her? It was a fate she could never have imagined before.

As large as she was, a simple glance was enough to show that Aloy had some time to go before she could match Elizabet in size. Her round belly may be almost a mirror for the ancient scientist, but the rest of her needed to catch up.

The feast was growing cold now, but Aloy continued to eat through the night. As her stomach struggled to digest the bounty of food she was providing, the red haired huntress tried to aid it's efforts by letting out as much gas as she could.


Her burps echoed through the empty cave and out into the quiet night. She knew that they were loud enough for the other Nora to hear, but she had settled into a single minded state in order to force herself to keep eating.

When her belly had become a wobbling, spherical blob, the rest of her was finally showing signs of her monumental gain. Most obvious was the swelling of Aloy's boobs. Each of her breasts had grown in size tenfold, becoming plump and juicy. The last of her clothes was hanging off the curvature of her left breast, leaving her as the All-Mother created.

Her legs had thickened to the point that she could no longer sit comfortably, so she resigned herself to laying on her side and continuing to shovel the remaining berries and other fruits into her overworked maw.

Every deep belch that rumbled out of her mouth sent her wide ass into an uncontrollable jiggle for a few seconds until they settled down, only to start quivering again at her next gaseous release. Her butt was larger than a stuffed feather pillow, and it felt much the same.

The last thing to pile on the weight, was her face. It took almost the entirety of the feast, but Aloy's face finally started to soften. Her freckled cheeks puffed up to accentuate her rounder, chubbier face. While her triple chins obscured her neck and made her appear as though didn't have one.

Aloy's pace eventually slowed, with only scraps remaining of the feast. She let out one last enormous burp and patted her bloated gut for a job well done.

With some difficulty, Aloy pulled herself to her feet and waddled over to the shallow pool of water that had collected near one of the corners. Her new fat reflection stared back at her, and a quick comparison to the holographic Elizabet showed that they were now almost identical.

Hoping that the sacrifice of her mobility was enough, Aloy made her way back over the the large metal door and presented herself to it's scan.



Welcome Dr. Sobek

The machine doorway shifted apart, leaving a dark and empty hall behind it. The cold air that it released brushed against Aloy's skin, but her many layers protected her from the chill. Taking one last look behind her, she stepped through the doorway and into the ancient ruin hidden inside All-Mother mountain.

"It's time I found my answers."
Broader Horizons - Horizon: Zero Dawn Weight Gain
Aloy's seeking answers, but first she has to go through something she could never have expected.

I'm open for DeviantArt point commissions. Please see my journal for details.

With this story, I feel the need to say that the view of Aloy here shouldn't diminish her character at all. Horizon: Zero Dawn is an awesome game, and Aloy is a great protagonist. This story is just for fun.

Image morphed by the amazing :iconbob-jenkins: Used with permission.
I've been writing on DA for a few years now under different names, but I've never accepted commissions before. If you're interested, feel free to send me a note.

Prices aren't set in stone just yet, but a rough approximation would be 400 DA points ($5) for a four page story, with longer stories to be negotiated. Here's what I will write:

Weight Gain

There are a few other things (such as inanimate TF) that I may do, but that's something to be worked out on an individual basis. I'm best with anime and game characters, along with OCs.

18+ Characters only.

If interested in a commission, please note me before sending any points. A commission isn't accepted until I tell you so.

Commissions are something I'm new to, so I'll most likely be adjusting things as I get more experienced. This will not affect any that are already accepted.


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